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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Recent Buy ABBV

 Recently I added to my position in ABBV purchasing 6 shares for $541.26. The dividend is currently yielding over 5 percent and with a 48 percent payout ratio and a strong cash flow, the dividend appears relatively safe for now. I'm aware that they may lose market share to competitors, but that is always the case with drug companies.  They appear to be in good position for now with their cancer and immunology drugs.  

Disclosure Long: ABBV

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Recent Buy CVS

Today I grabbed 5 shares of CVS for $59.80 per share. CVS has a solid yield of 3.32 percent. It's payout ratio is just 27.66 percent and holds a solid three year dividend growth rate of 17.65 percent. Morningstar current gives CVS a 5 star rating. Morgan Stanley rates it as overweight with a one-year price target of $77. Having a chance to grab shares at under $60 felt right in this overpriced market. 


Long: CVS

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

August Dividends

August was a nice ride. The added Dividend of GD made the Welltower cut hurt a little less. Overall 10 companies paid me $46.23.

CVS   $7.50
GIS    $5.39
T       $12.48
GD      $2.20
O         $3.97
ABBV  $4.72
KMI     $1.58
CAT     $2.06
SBUX  $3.28
WELL  $3.05

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Recent Buy DAL

I know there is some risk here airlines have been decimated. Delta has suspended its dividend and buybacks and the stock is less than half or what it was before this pandemic. But air traffic is starting to increase and once this pandemic is behind us there is a lot of room for growth. Much of the risk is built in to the price. So today I purchased 15 shares of Delta for $408. We will see how it works out.

Long DAL

Sunday, August 2, 2020

July Dividends

July continues to be an off month for dividends. But I am making significant progress. This month 6 companies paid me $15.21. I more than doubled last year's dividend of $7.35

PEP              $4.09
KO               $0.41
TIF               $1.74
LEG             $3.20
O                  $3.97
CSCO          $1.80

Disclosure: Long PEP, KO, TIF, LEG, O CSCO

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Recent Buy MMM

I made a small purchase today of MMM today. 2 shares at $155.50. This was following the dip due to missing expectations on short term earnings. I believe 3M is a solid company long term. This was a chance to make a long term buy on short term bad news. One thing is for certain in the short term they will be able to sell plenty of respirators. Once the economy opens and we are on the other side of this crisis, I believe there will be a tremendous pickup in auto production and sales as well as elective medical procedures. Since the world doesn't end often, I'm going to look at this as a nice defensive buy and a solid 3.68 yield.

Not the most exciting buy. Just another small building block.


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 Disclosure: Long MMM

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

June Dividends

I love quarter months and June didn't disappoint. 18 companies paid me 55.23 in dividends. This is the second time I've cracked the $50 mark. This is a year over year growth rate of 62.63 percent from last June.

WFC         $5.61
UL            $0.88
DFS          $2.20
AMGN     $1.60
HBI          $1.50
JNJ           $2.02
EMR        $2.50
XOM       $5.22
TGT         $6.60
ADM       $6.48
MMM     $2.94
O             $3.96
MCD      $2.50
CMP       $3.60
DUK       $3.76
FLO        $2.00
D             $2.82
BAC        $1.98

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Recent Buy ABBV

 Recently I added to my position in ABBV purchasing 6 shares for $541.26. The dividend is currently yielding over 5 percent and with a 48 pe...