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Friday, August 12, 2016

Buying the Flower Foods Dip

It has been a big week for buys for this small timer. Since adding to my stake in Tiffany and Co. I also decided to buy into the Flower Foods dip of the course of two days.

Overall I bought 5 shares at a cost of 15.89 per share over the two days of FLO.

I also added a share of Wells Fargo at 48.50 and one share of Frontier Communications at 4.84.

I'm hoping over the next couple of months to add to the stake in the 14 companies that I have. Especially the ones that have shown good Dividend Growth. Unless something really jumps out I don't see myself adding anything new in the near future. In fact there are a couple of stocks that haven't been real growth stocks that I may sell to consolidate further. Eventually I do want to diversify. But it doesn't seem to make too much sense to own 1 share of a lot of different things.

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