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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Further Consolidation

After todays move I have nearly $1,300 dollars spread across across 13 stocks. For most people this would be a single buy of a stock or less. I can get away with spreading my buys out, because I'm using the fee free Robinhood App. However, I would like to consolidate my investments a little in the short term. 

This weeks casualty was Lazard LTD. Lazard is a solid stock. It's up over 22 percent since I bought it,  has a solid history of dividend growth and a little room left to run. But I simply couldn't see myself buying anymore of it. It is based in Bermuda which means an extra tax form. I already own Bank of America and Wells Fargo and feel like any more money I would invest in banking would go there. 

So I sold my share of Lazard and bought 2 more shares of Frontier Communications and another share of AT&T. FTR has a great dividend right now and is projected to grow. And T is a high-yielding aristocrat that I'm looking to slowly buy every chance I get. 

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