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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shifting Focus

So I have been squeezing every dime the last couple of months to try and find more money to invest. I plan on continuing to do so. I'm not going not going to extremes and eating Ramen Noodles. But I have taken some steps to save money.

1. As a teacher on Summer break I waited on the haircut and didn't shave for most of the summer.

2. My Costco membership expires at the end of August. I'm loading up on items now so I can wait an extra six weeks to renew the membership.

3. Using my rewards card to pay all my bills. Then immediately paying off the balance to collect the rewards.

4. Cutting out flavored drinks in favor of water. Watering down my three-year-old's Apple Juice. This is a double win because I'm cutting down her sugar intake in the process.

5. Eating in a lot more.

However, I've been neglecting the most important thing. Job searching. I recently completed a Principal Certification. It cost 5 figures to complete it. I had stopped applying for jobs at the request of my wife. We just had our second child in June. Well the time has come to get back on that horse. No amount of savings is going to make up for the 30-40K per year raise I can get if I get one of those jobs. My resume is in great shape. I went into teaching 11 years ago with a plan to one day be an administrator. So while many people I'm competing with have padded their resume in the last two years, I have more than a decade of resume building. Hopefully this translates a new job and with it a greater savings.



  1. I think almost every parent waters down juices for their kids. I do it for myself because I find it way too sweet as well. As long as you have goals set and pivot when you need to you'll do just fine finding those extra dollars to invest. Just be patient.

  2. Hi Justin -- I want to encourage you to just keep on doing what you're doing now. It'll be hard in the beginning. But soon the dividend income is going to start rolling in and your money is going to work for you!

    Take care and all the best!

    1. I appreciate the encouragement FerdiS. Even though the dividends are small right now and the budget is a little tight. There are some major expenses coming off the books in the next few years. So I'm excited about what is to come.


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