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Friday, September 30, 2016

September Dividends

What an exciting month of dividends for this small timer.  This month I earned $6.63 in dividends. This shatters my previous record of $1.63. I know my numbers are small. But I only have a little to invest for the time being. I'm excited by this result and happy to continue taking baby steps. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy these quarter months going forward. Below is my dividend breakdown.

WFC .38
CMP 1.39
FLO 1.28
BAC .15
GM .76
PEP 1.51
FTR 1.16


  1. everyone has to start somewhere,keep it up
    we have few common companies like WFC,FLO,FTR

    1. Thanks for the comment. Out of our common stocks they all seem cheap right now too. Right now looking to add another share or two of T. I just would like the price to drop a little.

  2. You are making progress with your dividend income and it shows. As you said, your $6.63 shatters your previous record. Just keep shattering former records and before you know it, your dividends will be paying many of your monthly bills. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love end of quarter months! Hang in there and keep growing those investments!

  4. As always FerdiS thanks for the positive support.

  5. Great job DividendSeedling! we all start somewhere, the important part is actually doing something, which you have!


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