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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just bought another share of T

Nothing flashy here. I bought another share of T today at 39.21. I had $40 in my Wells Fargo Way to Save Account and decided to put it to work. This is probably my last buy until November when I start getting paid again.

In other news I updated my goals page to start looking towards 2017. I realized my dividend goal for 2016 was a little ambitious given that I was starting in May. So I put up a number that should be a lot more achievable for 2017. I'm really excited for what 2018 or 2019. My oldest will be done with daycare/private kindergarten (We haven't yet made a decision there), and that starts freeing up some money to invest.

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  1. Hi Dividend Seedling -

    As you know, T is a Dow Jones 30 component with a $200+ Billion market cap.

    It has a low P/E Ratio and a 5%+ dividend.

    I think it a good long term investment.

    Also, I like how you are setting realistic goals for yourself.


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