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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The month of T... and beginning to watch CVS.

This is turning into the month of AT&T. I like the dividend and long term this is a stock I would like to be one of my core holdings. I was able to get another single share today for 38.83. The logic was simple. If I like T at $39 and change, I also like it at a cheaper price. One of the advantages of Robinhood is it allows me to breakup buys in this manner. I am aware that T is taking a larger percentage of my portfolio. But my portfolio is so small that is going to be the case for a lot of my holdings early on. I'm not too concerned with this now because I plan on building on my other holdings as well. I also really like the price point for CVS right now and may move on it in the next couple of months if it stays cheap. Also considering adding shares of KMI, WFC, and CMP.

Also Goal Number 2 for 2016 is accomplished. I just passed $1,500 for my portfolio.

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