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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tiny Recent Buy Unilever and Flower Foods.

It's hard to bargain hunt in this market. I've been thinking about Unilever for two weeks. The company comes up on almost all the blogs I've read. The Dividend has been growing forever. They have great products. The only negatives I've been hearing is the exchange rate may make the dividend lower than what it seems and that at 70 percent the payout ratio is creeping up. The positives are that the company itself is diversified. They've raised their dividend forever, and the valuation is near a 52 week low. With Flower Foods it was another chance to bring down the average cost per share. Overall it is another small buy aimed at adding yield.

Here is the purchase

2 Shares Unilever @ 39.10 per share.

1 Share of Flower Foods @15.64 per share.


  1. I've heard a bunch of people in the dividend community that have recently bought Unilever.

    Great pick up!!!

    1. Mustard Seed Money thanks for stopping buy. I really enjoy your blog. You pick interesting topics to write about.

  2. UL is the stock of the day. I just nibbled on some more myself. Nice pick up. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Keith, It appears that way. Thanks for the feedback.


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