Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Dividends

November dividends are in and I'll gladly take it. I earned $3.71 This is my second best month ever. This is more than double what I did in August. I'm really excited for December dividends as it is  quarter month.

Here is the breakdown:

T: $2.88
KMI: $0.50
INN: 0.33


  1. I always say anything better than 0 is awesome as you can reinvest it and watch it grow. Gotta plant that first seedling somewhere!

  2. Absolutely! Thanks for the encouragement. Best part of dividend investing is that it's incredibly addictive. My pension, and IRA are just steady investments with yearly increases. But with dividend investing I am always trying to save an extra few bucks here and there to invest. That alone will increase my savings rate.


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