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Saturday, February 4, 2017

January Dividends

January was a solid opening to the year. Opened the year with $4.66 in dividends. That's a solid month considering that last year I earned $23.19 over 7+ months of dividend investing.  I know the overall amound isn't much. But it's still $4.66 that I didn't have to work for. Can't wait to watch this build over time. Below is the list of this month's dividends.

PEP 1.51
TIF 1.35
DIS 1.56
GE 0.24


  1. Very nicely done, as you state it isn't a lot but you have to start somewhere and this is only going to compound over time. All the best.

  2. You are on your way. $4.66 is the modest start from which you will build upon. As you noted it's already a large chunk considering what you brought in total last year. Keep planting those dividend seeds!

  3. Congrats! The most important thing is that you started investing. Time will do most of the work, so hang in there and you'll be seeing some nice percentage increases over last year's results starting in July or so.
    Best wishes,


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