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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Recent Buy TGT just 1 share

I watched Target tank today after they announced their earnings. After a debating it in my head I decided to take a small nibble on today's dip. I had my reservations. First there is a general concern about the retail sector as online competitors cut into their market share. Target is currently my largest position and I wasn't really looking to increase it. However, if I liked the value I was getting from Target at 65.07 per share, then 58.54 is even better. The consensus was that the 12 percent drop today was an overreaction. So this was a chance to take a tiny nibble of Target and lower my cost basis some. I just bought in at a 4.09 percent yield for a dividend aristocrat with a P/E ratio of 10.46. I'll take it. Just another tiny seed for the portfolio.


  1. The new lower price for TGT sure is temping. I bought some not to long ago, so I am waiting for a lower price to buy more.

    1. DM,

      Thanks for the comment. I wouldn't mind seeing it dip a little more in the short term.

  2. 1 share is better than no shares. Nice job buying TGT on the dip.

    1. Thanks IH,

      I'll take value where I can get it in this market. Even though in general I hate retail.


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