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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Doubled my stake in GE

This is a little silly, since I only owned 3 shares before today. But factually accurate. I double my shares of GE. It came down to just a pure value play. I liked GE at 27 per share. I like them better at 26. I was able to first grab 2 shares at 26.12. I then put out a limit buy order for a 3rd share at 25.99 and I got it. Not sure why I was so concerned with saving 0.13 on the last share in retrospect. But it worked. I do like the flexibility that no fee trading gives me to dollar cost average.

Disclosure: Long GE


  1. GE is entering a serious buy range. Nice pick up. I haven't bought any GE in a while but have seen it come up among our DGI peers in recent days. Thansk for sharing.

    1. Keith, I've been seeing the same thing. I wasn't planning on making a purchase. But I squeezed a few bucks to pickup a few shares. Thanks for the comment.


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