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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Recent Buy O

I try not to be too reactionary. I spent the same $200 I was planning to spend. I didn't expect to go to the REIT well again. But with the market doing what it was doing I saw an opportunity and took it. I grabbed 4 shares of O for 198.04 or 49.51 per share. This brings my overall cost basis for O down to $53.99. Not bad for a 5.25% yielder with 22 years of dividend growth. The 91% payout ratio and the potential for rising interest rates is a little concerning. But the business model is still solid. Long-term leases, stable companies, built in rent increases.


  1. If you stay invested, none of the factors should impact your portfolio. I remained on the sidelines for whole of 2013 fearing an interest rate hike. Missed out on 32% growth. Buy and hold forever :-)

    1. DividendGeek. I agree. I watched my porfolio get hammered 10 years ago and recover very quickly. I don't get that many sell impulses because of a dip. But I do get tempted to buy on a drop. This time I stayed consistent and made a normal buy. In the greater context the market is still far from cheap.


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