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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Recent Buy CAT

Yesterday I grabbed 2 shares of Caterpillar at $116.87 per share. Caterpillar has 8 years of dividend growth and a 3.02 percent yield. The payout ratio is just 29.6 percent and with short term concerns over the China trade war it is currently trading 34.21 percent off of its 52 week high. Morningstar as a 4 star stock with an average price target of $156.38. Nine of 22 analysts list CAT as a buy or strong buy. While Caterpillar's stock has taken a hit, it's business is strong overall beating earnings. For me this was worth taking a small nibble.


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Additional Disclosure I long everything.

Long CAT


  1. I don't have CAT seedling, but good luck with the purchase. It's always nice when you can help the organic growth of your portfolio by buying more shares.

  2. DP I agree. Thanks for the positive reinforcement.


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