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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Recent Buy ADM

I recently bought 6 shares of Archer Daniels Midland @ 40.25 per share. This agricultural company processes oil seeds, corn, wheat, cocoa and other agricultural commodities. ADM has raised its dividend for 43 consecutive years. I had originally purchased a single share of this company 2 years ago as a placeholder. Now seemed like the right time to add to the original purchase. ADM sports a healthy yield of 3.43 percent and a low payout ratio of just 40.8 percent.

The company has gotten some recent bad press about its flour recall and long term it's helped by the artificial demand created by the government for Corn Ethanol. It also received some recent bad news about a recall related to an E. Coli outbreak. Long term ADM has a global network that give it an advantage over more local and regional competitors. It is diversified. As a major processor of soybeans.

Seven of 15 analysts currently rate ADM a buy or strong buy. The one year price target is $51. The current P/E ratio is 11.45.

Disclosure Long ADM


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