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Thursday, April 2, 2020

March Dividends (broke the $50 mark)

March was a good month for dividends. Possibly the last for a while. Twenty companies paid me a total of $54.90. This is the first time I've cracked the $50 mark in dividends. Somehow doesn't have the same meaning it would have had a month ago.

BAC             $1.80
D                  $2.82
GM              $1.14
UL               $0.89
DUK            $3.78
MCD           $1.25
CMP            $3.60
O                 $3.95
FLO            $1.90
DAL            $3.22
MMM         $2.94
EMR           $2.50
HBI             $1.50
XOM          $5.22
JNJ             $1.90
TGT           $6.60
AMGN       $1.60
DFS           $2.20
ADM         $2.52
WFC          $3.57

Recent Buys WFC, KO, MCD

Been hard to focus on the blog with working from home and so much going on with this virus. Seeing the infections rise and the along with the deaths didn't have me too focused on my portfolio to be honest. I did make a few small buys over the last week or so.

I grabbed a share of WFC for $28.82. I grabbed a share of KO as a placeholder for $40.45. I also grabbed a share of MCD $167.51.

Disclosure Long: WFC, KO, MCD

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