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Saturday, December 1, 2018

November Dividends

November was a great month for Dividends. Ten companies paid me a total of $35.47 more than tripling last year's total of 4 companies paying 10.98. I also added to my positions in 3 of the four companies that paid me last year. I think this shows a healthy growth rate for my tiny portfolio which I an excited about.

CVS    $1.50
T        $11.00
GIS      $5.39
ABBV $3.84
KMI     $1.00
O          $3.75
WELL  $4.35
DAL     $1.40
SBUX   $2.88
INN       $0.36

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Recent Buy BAC

I had been looking to build on some existing positions and had Bank of America had been one of my more successful buys in the past. With a low payout ratio of 23.8%, Four consecutive years of dividend growth, I felt comfortable investing in one of America's largest banks. 23 of 30 Analysts has them as a buy or strong buy with a consenus price target of 34.34. I felt I got a solid company in a banking sector that is underrepresented in my portfolio.

My purchase was 8 shares at $27.50 per share or $220.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Dividends

October is one of my slowest months. But free money is free money. This month I earned $5.40 from two stocks.  I will take it. Below is a list of dividend payers for October.

TIF $1.65
O $3.75

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Recent Buy CAT

Yesterday I grabbed 2 shares of Caterpillar at $116.87 per share. Caterpillar has 8 years of dividend growth and a 3.02 percent yield. The payout ratio is just 29.6 percent and with short term concerns over the China trade war it is currently trading 34.21 percent off of its 52 week high. Morningstar as a 4 star stock with an average price target of $156.38. Nine of 22 analysts list CAT as a buy or strong buy. While Caterpillar's stock has taken a hit, it's business is strong overall beating earnings. For me this was worth taking a small nibble.


Material presented on 'Dividend Seedling' is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is the opinion of the author (a social studies teacher and not a financial advisor). None of the information should be relied on or taken as investing advice or a recommendation to invest. None of the information or opinions expressed, constitutes a solicitation of the purchase or sale of any security or investment of any kind. Please do your own research before making any investments. Do not making any purchases unless you are prepared to lose your entire investment.

Additional Disclosure I long everything.

Long CAT

Sunday, September 30, 2018

September Dividends

I say it all the time I love quarter months. It's great to truly see a payday. This month 16 companies paid me a total of $34.67. It feels good to keep building like this each month. This time last September I earned $27.18 in dividends. So this is significant progress.

PEP                                 $3.71
BAC                                $0.30
GM                                  $1.14
CMP                                $3.60
DUK                                $3.71
O                                      $3.74
FLO                                 $1.80
JNJ                                   $0.90
EMR                                $2.43
TGT                                 $6.40
AMGN                             $1.32
ADM                                $0.34
DFS                                  $2.00
UL                                    $0.91
HBI                                  $1.51
WFC                                $0.86

Recent Buy D

I recently initiated a small position in Dominion Energy. I bought 3 shares at 70.07 per share. Though D has a payout ratio of 80.9 percent. It also has a track record of 9 years of dividend growth and a current yield of 4.75 percent. The average price target is 73.07. Dominion produces and distributes energy in Virginia and North Carolina to residential, commercial, and governmental customers. This is my second utility. I also hold shares of Duke. This recent buy brings utilities to a healthy 6.3 percent of my portfolio.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Dividends

This August really highlights the snowball of even a small DGI like myself. Last August I earned a $11.82 in dividends. I had experienced a 625% Year over year growth and I was over the moon.  This year I earned $32.51 in dividends or 175% year over year growth.  It's nice to see that kind of growth heading into a quarter month.

T:                $10.50
GIS:              $2.94
CVS:            $1.50
ABBV:         $3.84
KMI:            $1.00
O:                 $3.74
DAL:            $1.40
WELL          $4.35
SBUX          $2.88
INN:             $0.36

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November Dividends

November was a great month for Dividends. Ten companies paid me a total of $35.47 more than tripling last year's total of 4 companies pa...