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Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Dividends

January was a rough month. Work has been super busy. Got hit with some car repairs and a parking ticket from the valet on our mini family vacation. All some good news, that has the potential to negatively impact my ability to contribute in the near term. But the good news is the dividends keep rolling in. January four companies paid a total of $10.88. Given that last January I was at $6.70, I'll take it. The snowball continues despite some short term financial setbacks.

Below is a list of my January dividend payers.

PEP     $3.71
TIF      $1.65
DIS     $1.76
O         $3.76

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Goals for 2019

Welcome to 2019. This is the year I turn 40. The year many DGI hope to retire by. Clearly that isn't going to happen. That was never the goal. In fact I spent 2018 doing many things that run contrary to what the 60 percent savers would do.

My wife and I bought our first home. We picked a house that will stretch us a little bit in the short term. We are paying PMI. We are paying an insane tax rate. But it was absolutely the right decision. My wife had an awful commute and over time it was putting a strain on our marriage. Our oldest daughter entered kindergarten and we were willing to pay for the right school district. The youngest is going to an expensive daycare. We bought an expensive new car with some help from family. We bought adult furniture.

So 2019 the plan is to continue to save and to be consistent. But it's not going to be a big year in terms of savings. There are other needs. Our family has not gone on a major vacation in 7 years. We need to build back our emergency savings account for peace of mind. My Roth IRA which is still below the maximum. We need to make some minor upgrades on the home. So this year is just about consistency. My goals are simple.

1. Rebuild the emergency fund.

2. $10,500 dividend portfolio (though just crossing into 5 figures will make me happy)

3. $400 in dividends.

Long term I'm looking at the dividend account as a supplement. The goal is to have the option to retire at 59.5 when I'm eligible to collect my pension. To supplement that income with a Roth IRA and dividend portfolio. To be able to live comfortably with my wife and pass on enough money to my children that they will have a substantial safety net. I'm lucky to have a hard working partner that makes a great salary and helps with the children. I have not included her savings in this figure. Overall I think we are on a great financial track. Both of our incomes have room to grow. As daycare costs and student loans expire this will lead to more room for investment. But for now slow and steady wins the race.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December Dividends

December was a strong month for dividends. 16 companies paid me $34.37. Below is a list of my December dividend payers.

WFC      0.86
HBI        1.50
UL          0.89
DFS       2.00
AMGN  1.32
TGT       6.40
EMR      2.45
JNJ       0.90
FLO       1.80
O           3.75
ADM     0.34
DUK      3.71
CMP     3.60
D           2.51
GM       1.14
BAC      1.50

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Recents Buys JNJ, KMI, T

Earlier this week, I saw some buying opportunities for existing positions.  So I made a flurry of small buys in my free Robinhood account.

I bought a single share of JNJ for $127.50 doubling my stake. 
I bought 2 shares of T at $29.84 per share to continue to build that position. 
I also bought a share of KMI at $16.09. 

These were all existing positions I continue to believe in. I had owned a single share of JNJ as a place holder and it finally dipped low enough to add to it. The yield for T at this value was hard to ignore and KMI continues to have a strong upside. 

Disclosure: Long T, JNJ, KMI


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Additional Disclosure I long everything.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

November Dividends

November was a great month for Dividends. Ten companies paid me a total of $35.47 more than tripling last year's total of 4 companies paying 10.98. I also added to my positions in 3 of the four companies that paid me last year. I think this shows a healthy growth rate for my tiny portfolio which I an excited about.

CVS    $1.50
T        $11.00
GIS      $5.39
ABBV $3.84
KMI     $1.00
O          $3.75
WELL  $4.35
DAL     $1.40
SBUX   $2.88
INN       $0.36

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Recent Buy BAC

I had been looking to build on some existing positions and had Bank of America had been one of my more successful buys in the past. With a low payout ratio of 23.8%, Four consecutive years of dividend growth, I felt comfortable investing in one of America's largest banks. 23 of 30 Analysts has them as a buy or strong buy with a consenus price target of 34.34. I felt I got a solid company in a banking sector that is underrepresented in my portfolio.

My purchase was 8 shares at $27.50 per share or $220.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Dividends

October is one of my slowest months. But free money is free money. This month I earned $5.40 from two stocks.  I will take it. Below is a list of dividend payers for October.

TIF $1.65
O $3.75

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January Dividends

January was a rough month. Work has been super busy. Got hit with some car repairs and a parking ticket from the valet on our mini family va...