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Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Dividends

October is one of my slowest months. But free money is free money. This month I earned $5.40 from two stocks.  I will take it. Below is a list of dividend payers for October.

TIF $1.65
O $3.75


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  2. We all have that one month in a quarter that is slow. But like you said money is money and we take it when we get it :). It also looks like you had a slight bump from last quarter and guessing it was a raise from O. Gotta love raises!

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  4. I agree with you DS! Free money is free money! This was my off month as well... but all in all it is good. The dividends keep rolling in! :)

  5. Indeed... "free money is free money." If you found $5 on the sidewalk you'd be happy... why not in the form of dividends? Keep up the good work. I always say this is a marathon.

    1. Very true. Anyway you look at it money found is a good thing.

  6. October is slow for me too Seedling, but I agree, it's hard to argue with free money.

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