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Saturday, December 1, 2018

November Dividends

November was a great month for Dividends. Ten companies paid me a total of $35.47 more than tripling last year's total of 4 companies paying 10.98. I also added to my positions in 3 of the four companies that paid me last year. I think this shows a healthy growth rate for my tiny portfolio which I an excited about.

CVS    $1.50
T        $11.00
GIS      $5.39
ABBV $3.84
KMI     $1.00
O          $3.75
WELL  $4.35
DAL     $1.40
SBUX   $2.88
INN       $0.36


  1. Nice work, that's amazing year over year growth! Love the list of companies that paid you dividends last month.

  2. Healthy growth rate indeed! And you get a boost next quarter when ABBV's dividend raise kicks in. Keep that snowball effect going

  3. Great month DS! Impressive year over year growth! Keep up the great work!

  4. Seedling -

    Heck yah! I just joined the ABBV shareholder list, so glad to see you received a nice little piece from them. Congrats!



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