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Sunday, September 1, 2019

August Dividends

August went by fast. But it was another solid month for me. Eleven companies paid a total of $44.52 in dividends. I can feel myself inching toward my first $50 month. This is an exciting year. A third child coming this month and still able to add to my dividends. Life is good.

GIS          5.39
T            12.24
CVS        6.00
DAL        1.61
ABBV     4.28
O             3.85
KMI        1.50
CAT        2.06
WELL     4.35
SBUX     2.88
INN         0.36


  1. Great stuff DS! Especially the 3rd child coming! Congrats! We just had number 2 back in April and we're trying to figure out if 3 is in the cards. My guess is yes. Also, looks like a solid month of dividends and hopefully you get that first $50 month soon!

  2. DS -

    Nice job - I see quite a few dividend powerhouses in there. T, Realty Income, ABBV, love DAL's dividend growth rate, etc.. Great job!! Congrats on #3, as well!


  3. Great month DS! You will break the $50 month mark real soon! And CONGRATS on your 3rd child!!! :D


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